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Top 3 Reasons To Save Arizona Bees

Arizona pest control companies are destroying the environment which could wipe out 70% of the food supply. Bee’s pollinate over 80% of plants in Arizona including human food crops like fruit and feed for cattle.

Bee’s are an integral part of the earth. Phoenix Arizona is one of the major cities in America that can help save the bee’s.

Top 3 Reasons To Save Arizona Bees

Bees are Vital to the World’s Food Supply

  • Bee’s pollinate more than 70% of crops that benefit the human race
  • Over 30% of the food humans eat is due to their pollination efforts
  • Almost 80% of fruit like strawberries and oranges as well as almonds and nuts will be destroyed
  • Pesticides and Modern Agriculture are Killing Bees

  • Most scientists agree that pesticides are killing the bees
  • Farmers are being forced to use seeds coated with pesticide. This is destroying bees in a massive way
  • Chemical Industries like Bayer and Monsanto are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to lobby Congress and convince the public that there is no link between pesticide and bee death rates.
  • There has been a 50% decrease in honey bee hives in the USA since 1947
  • Bees are Good For the American Economy

  • Bees provide more than $19 Billion Dollars in added Value to the Farmers and Agriculture Business
  • More than $115 Million Dollars are exchanged for Natural Honey Bee product
  • More than 60% of Grocery Bills are spent on food pollinated by Bees
  • Do no spend money on Pest Control Companies to get rid of Bees!

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