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Save the Bees:

The Pollinators Documentary is a revolutionary film that will start a worldwide conversation on how important Bees are to our way of life.

  • 2-million Bees are moved across the country every year to keep farms thriving in America
  • Bees create between $235-577 billion dollars worth of global food production a year
  • Much of the American agricultural industry is heavily reliant on one thing – honey bees. Pollinators, like the honeybee, are pivotal in growing and cultivating our fruits, vegetables and nuts.

    Bees are responsible for nearly $200-billion dollars of our $1-trillion dollar agricultural economy. That is almost 20% of our entire GDP. If Bees were to go extinct, and 20% of our GDP was wiped out, the entire economy would collapse. This is because a domino effect would happen and the result would be the end of the Worlds food supply.

    The Pollinators Documentary is alerting Americans about the dangers Bees face in an environment where pesticide is regularly used and ignorance is bliss.

    Peter Nelson, director of The Pollinators, explains that he experienced the killing of bees first hand from farmers that were pressured to use pesticides. The framers ended up killing bees in large swaths. “I think it ended up being about 5,000 hives being killed from an inadvertent (pesticide) spray of a neighboring farm out in the almond pollination”

    A leader in agricultural science, Bayer, is sounding the alarm on the importance of Bees in America. “Agricultural leaders understand both the economic and ecological importance of pollinators. Each season these insects provide a service that boots harvest size and quality, creates value for farmers, and drives the global food supply. It’s hard to imagine an ecosystem where they are absent.”

    Help Save the Bee’s with the Beeman Bee Removal Service in Phoenix

    Please, do not kill Bees… Beeman Bee Removal safely moves bees to an environment they can grow and flourish.

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