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Bee removal from a roof or attic:
Roof opening to remove the bees alive, comb and honey. Clean and sanitize. Repair the roof opening, seal points of entrance. One year warranty Starting price is $450.00 if hive is too big or multiple hives price will increase.
$ 450.00+
Bee removal from under a shed:
Floor opening to remove bees alive, comb, honey, clean and sanitize, seal the points of entrance. One year warranty.
Bee removal from columns or chimneys:
Cut out in affected area live bee removal, comb, honey clean and sanitize, repair stucco and seal. NO PAINT One year warranty.
$ 650.00+
Bee removal from block fence wall:
Remove blocks, live bee removal, combs, honey clean, repair block wall, seal One Year warranty
$ 350.00
Bee Removal from compost bin, free standing boxes, or buck:
Live Bee Removal, clean & sanitize NO WARRANTY
$ 200.00
Bee removal from from trees up to 12 ft tall:
Live bee removal from Branches of tree. NO WARRANTY
$ 200.00
Bee Removal from irrigation box or water valve:
Live Bee Removal, comb honey, clean & sanitize NO WARRANTY
$ 200.00
Bee removal from eaves or stucco walls:
Cut out, live bee removal, combs, honey, clean, sanitize, repair and seal NO PAINT. One Year Warranty
$ 450.00
Warranty service:
Warranty service call
$ 0
Bee removal from inside tree trunk
Removal, seal opening NO WARRANTY
$ 375.00
Tree Removal
Price will increase if tree is oversized
$ 650.00

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