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Pesticides are inherently toxic chemicals that are used to kill or control pests which include bacteria, fungi, insects and rodents. Bees are no exception.

Products used most often are insecticides and disinfectants. One study suggests that 80 percent of most people’s exposure to pesticides occurs indoors and that measurable levels of up to a dozen pesticides have been found in the air inside homes.

In 1990, the American Association of Poison Control Centers reported that some 79,000 children were involved in common household pesticide poisonings or exposures. Recent research suggests that these numbers have increased, influenced by contained soil or dust that floats or is tracked in from outside.

Pesticides are sold as sprays, liquids, sticks, powders, crystals, balls and foggers and are used by Arizona Pest Control Companies on a frequent basis inside and outside of homes. There are different solutions and pest control management that utilize home made solutions.

Pesticide manufacturers are required by the EPA to put information on the label about when and how to use the pesticide, but this does not prevent the misuse of the product (professionally and recreationally). Pesticides are classed as semi-volatile organic compounds and include a variety of chemicals in various forms which makes it difficult for even the most inexperienced pest control “professionals” to use pesticide products safely.

And even if the pesticide is used properly, this does not prevent against acute or chronic health problems that may result as a secondary consequence of its targeted use against pests. Exposure to pesticides include, but are not limited to the following health problems:

  • Irritation to eye, nose and throat
  • damage to central nervous system and kidney
  • increased risk of cancer
  • damage to the liver, kidneys, endocrine and nervous systems
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    THE BEE MAN BEE REMOVAL discourages the use of any kind of pesticide when removing bee colonies from homes or properties. Hire us instead.

    Our Bee Removal process is 100% efficient and 100% pesticide free.

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