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Ant Species in Arizona

Learn The Facts About Ants in Arizona Find out what ants like to eat, how they form their colonies, and how they behave to prevent ants from being in your home or apartment. Fire AntArgentine AntHarvester AntCarpenter AntRed Pavement AntCARPENTER ANTS The most common...

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Scorpion Species in Arizona

Learn the Facts About Scorpions in Arizona There are several different types of scorpions in Arizona, and you will come across some here and there. Scorpions carry poison in their spines with varying degrees of toxicity. Most types of scorpions are not dangerous, but...

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Termite Species in Arizona

Termites : Anthropods Animal Group: Anthropod Class: Insecta Order: Isoptera 4 Interesting Facts: Termites have bacterial protozoa in their gut! This helps them break down wood and cellulose. This is then turned into energy the termite uses to continue to build the...

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The Pollinators Documentary a Revolutionary Film

The Pollinators Documentary is a revolutionary film that will start a worldwide conversation on how important Bees are to our way of life. 2-million Bees are moved across the country every year to keep farms thriving in America Bees create between $235-577 billion...

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