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Due to potential health risks to our technicians we are unable to service homes that have previously been serviced by pest control companies and their products

  • Pest Control companies are creating hazardous homes
  • Homeowners are not tell us when they had a pest control company douse their attic to remove bees
  • Our head technician was hospitalized after breathing in hazardous pesticide
  • Jeff, our head bee removal technician arrived at a home the other day to remove bees from an attic. The homeowner did not tell Jeff they previously used a pest control company to douse the attic with hazardous pesticide to remove a bee hive. When Jeff entered the attic he caught a big whiff of hazardous pesticide. His lungs began to burn and he couldn’t breathe. He ended up going to the hospital.

    Pest Control companies are telling Arizona homeowners that they will safely remove bees by using pesticide. This is wrong and unethical. Pest Control that says they remove bees use pesticide that kill the bees. These companies douse the home with pesticide making the environment harmful and hazardous.

    For more information, please read the following articles:
    EPA Warns on Pesticides’ Impact on Indoor Air Quality
    Indoor Risks of Pesticide Uses are Significantly Linked to Hazards of the Family Members
    Monsanto parent company Bayer faces thousands of round-up cancer cases after $2 billion verdict

    Please watch the video below to learn about how bee removal pest control companies bait and switch residents.

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