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House Bill 4212 Representative Thresa “Terry” Meza

Bee Removal to Be Illegal in Arizona? It Could Happen Sooner Than You Think If House Bill 4212 Gains Popularity

  • Representative Thresa “Terry” Meza (D.) of Irving Texas authored House Bill 4212 that would make the process of bee removal illegal
  • The bill would destroy the economy and benefit pest control companies that kill bees and spray hazardous pesticide in homes
  • There is no agency, organization or training authority set up to take on House Bill 4212
  • This is a nightmare of a bill that would be catastrophic for the U.S. economy. The new laws in House Bill 4212 would make it mandatory that bee removal specialists take over 160-hours of classes, training and have $300,000 in workers compensation in a bank account before they could legally remove any bees.

    House Bill 4212 Would Destroy the World Food Supply and Economy

    Bees are vital to maintaining and growing the World’s food supply. Bees pollinate over 70% of the crops in America. The Beeman Bee Removal specialists make sure that the bees are kept alive so they can continue to pollinate crops in Arizona. If House Bill 4212 is signed into law, it would put us out and many other bee removal specialists out of business.

    That would make pest control companies the next best option for homeowners and commercial property owners. Pest Control companies kill the bees. That would mean House Bill 4212 would contribute to the eradication of bees in a massive way.

    The bee removal and bee keeping industry is responsible for $327-million dollars in stimulus to the economy. There are over 34,000 business and employs more that 36,000 American’s.

    House Bill 4212 Representative Thresa “Terry” Meza

    Let’s review the irreversible blowback of House Bill 4212:

  • Hurt Economy by Destroy The Live Bee Removal Industry
  • No adult with a family has time for over 160-hours of classroom, test-taking and training – let alone $300,000 saved up in a bank account somewhere.

  • Increase Cancer and Bee Killing
  • Pest Control Companies use the bait and switch method to kill bees while spraying homes with toxic and hazardous pesticide like Monsanto Roundup. A federal jury has determined pesticides cause cancer. House Bill 4212 should call for pesticides to be banned.

  • Destroy World’s Food Supply
  • The only option left would be to ask Pest Control Companies to come in to homes and businesses and kill bees. This would accelerate the extermination of bees and destruction of the World’s food supply.

  • Destroy the U.S. Economy
  • The end result is the destruction of the U.S. economy. Truckers would stop transporting veggies and fruits to supermarkets. This would result in hunger strikes and the breakdown of society.

    Stop the government from making a big mistake.

    Contact Your State Representative
    Inform your representatives of the disaster that House Bill 4212 would cause and why any laws to prohibit safe removal of bees would be a disaster to the U.S. economy. In fact, they should make a law making it illegal for pest control companies to kill bees.

    Help Us Save the Bees and Grow the U.S. Economy

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