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The University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Agrees that Bee-Proofing Your Home Will Save You Big Money and Reduce Pesticide Exposure.

The University of Arizona is trying to inform Phoenix residents the importance of bee-proofing your home. Bee smart and invest in the health of your family and home!

Call Beeman Bee Removal (602) 777-4028 and get a 15% discount and a 3-year warranty for Arizona residents looking to bee-proof their home.

Bee proofing your home is a smart investment that not only saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars in pest control treatment, sanitation and possible home remodeling, but gives you peace of mind that you will not have bees, scorpions and other pests infesting around your home.

Save Money, Stay Healthy and Bee Proof Your Home

According to UofA, many pests encountered in homes and structures can be prevented by using bee-proofing or pest-proofing techniques. Although this is a time consuming and labor intensive endeavor, it is crucial if you want to reduce pest management costs and harmful exposure to hazardous pesticide. Phoenix Pest Control companies are allowed to use unknown chemicals in their pesticide… can you only imagine how hazardous their spray is?!

The presence of bees inside a home whether bees have built a hive in the roof, wall, garage, air vent or under a shed, it is important to NOT kill the bees like most bee removal pest control companies do.

Bees are vital to our environment and well being. DO NOT kill the bees! Let us move ‘em in a eco-friendly and socially responsible manner. We NEVER use hazardous chemicals or pesticides and NEVER kill the bees. Call: (602) 777-4028 and ask us how we save the bees.

U of A Tips on General Pest Proofing Measures:

  • Indoors: Install door sweeps and repair thresholds at the base of all exterior entry doors.
  • Door Seals: Inspect all door seals, the tops, bottoms and sides.
  • Screens: Make sure all door screens and window screens are not bent at vulnerable areas.
  • Fill Cracks: Bees, rodents, lizards and scorpions are looking for cracks, gaps and holes around windows, doors and stucco walls. Make sure to cover up these areas with a silicone sealant.
  • Seal Utility Openings:This includes all penetration points such as pipes, wires, outdoor faucets, gas meter, electrical meter and laundry vents.
  • Repair Plumbing and Leaks: This includes the roof, under sinks and any place where there was previous water damage.
  • Use Airtight Storage Bins and Containers: Pests love to hide in places that will keep them warm.
  • Regularly Inspect Vulnerable Areas: Bees will fly around your home looking for any vulnerable areas. Make sure to continue to inspect inside and outside your home.
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    Our Bee Removal process and bee-proofing process is 100% efficient and 100% pesticide free.

    With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or 100% of your money back… how can you lose? Call us now (602) 777-4028 for a free estimate.