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Save the Bees:

Extinction of Bees Would Be Catastrophic for Mankind

  • • Massive decline in insect population across Arizona’s ecosystem
  • • Bees are disappearing 8x faster than any other insect, bird, mammal or reptile
  • • One-third of insect species are on the brink of extinction
  • The safest live bee removal service you can trust in Arizona is The Beeman Bee Removal company. Please put our phone number in your phone 602-777-4028 so that you always have us on call if you ever need us. We are not a pest control company. Bees are not pests. They are beautiful insects that we need to keep our crops growing and ecosystem thriving.

    Pest control companies claiming to do “bee removal” are helping in the catastrophic dilemma we are facing in Arizona and around the world.

    Decades of Research Prove Mankind is in Trouble

    A comprehensive review of 73 historical reports have found a decline of insect populations that is eight times faster than reptiles, vertebrates and birds. With in the next few decades more than a third of the world’s insects are on the brink of total extinction.

    “Our work reveals dramatic rates of decline that may lead to the extinction of 40 percent of the world’s insect species over the next few decades,” researchers wrote.

    One of the most pronounced insect groups that will go extinct in a few decades are bees. Unless Arizona residents realize this and reverse this course of action and stop calling pest control companies to “safely remove bees” (aka kill them with hazardous pesticide) than we are only helping to destroy ourselves.

    Call Beeman Bee Removal (602) 777-4028 and get a 15% discount and a 3-year warranty if you are looking to bee-proof your home. Not only will you be keeping your home safe from bees but you will save money. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on pest management that douses your home with harmful pesticide, you will safely keep pests out of your home and your home will be safe from hazardous chemicals.

    Arizona Pest Control Companies Destroying Environment

    Humans, using pesticide and toxic chemicals, have wiped out nearly 60 per cent of planet animal life since 1970.

    “If insect species losses cannot be halted, this will have a catastrophic consequences for both the planet’s ecosystems and for the survival of mankind,” warned Dr. Francisco Sanchez-Bayo from the University of Sydney.

    “A rethinking of current agricultural practices, in particular a serious reduction in pesticide usage and its substitution with more sustainable, ecologically-based practices, is urgently needed to slow or reverse current trends, allow the recovery of declining insect populations and safeguard the vital ecosystem services they provide,” the Center for Biological Diversity report says.

    Help The Beeman To Stop Pest Control Companies From Killing the Bees

    Bees are vital to our environment and well being. DO NOT kill the bees! Let us move ‘em in a eco-friendly and socially responsible manner. We NEVER use hazardous chemicals or pesticides and NEVER kill the bees. Call: (602) 777-4028 and ask us how we save the bees.

    Our Bee Removal process and bee-proofing process is 100% efficient and 100% pesticide free. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or 100% of your money back… how can you lose? Call us now (602) 777-4028 for a free estimate.