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Save the Bees:

A new study by the National Academy of Sciences is EXTREMELY disturbing suggesting a massive decrease of Bees in America.

In 2014, an international team of biologists estimated that, in the past 35 years, the abundance of invertebrates such as beetles and bees decreased by 45 percent. In places where long-term insect data are available, mainly in Europe, insect numbers are plummeting. A study last year showed a 76 percent decrease in flying insects in the past few decades in German nature preserves.

The new study is using Puerto Rico as the study sample because of the lush jungle and rich eco-system. The study says that both global climate change and pest control toxicity is killing the bees.

Our conclusion is that although climate change is a debatable topic because the earth has a history of cooling and warming for thousands of years… we do know for a fact that Arizona pest control companies are exterminating bees across the state and it is killing our eco-system.

On average, beekeepers in the U.S. lost an estimated 40 percent of their managed honey bee colonies last year (April 2017-April 2018) and Arizona’s winter colony losses topped 70 percent.

Please be careful who you let in to your home…

The fact is, Bees are a vital part of the Earth’s eco-system. If Arizonans do not stand up and say enough is enough, these beautiful insects will continue to be exterminated by pest control companies who only care about money instead of the long-term viability of the Earth.

  • Bees pollinate more than 70% of crops that we use as food
  • Almost 80% of the fruit we eat will be destroyed alongside the bees if we continue to kill them off
  • There has been a decrease of 50% of honey bee hives in the USA since 1947
  • Proof pest control companies are pretending to act like safe live bee removal companies

    Take a look at the comment by Lynn Schwaderer… someone acting like the Beeman came to her home and killed the bees.

    Bee Pest Control Company Exterminating Bees

    One of our customers left a review for us telling us that exterminators saying they do “safe” bee removal actually came in and pumped hazardous chemicals in their home, killed the bees, did not remove the honeycomb or honey and only made the bee problem worse.

    “About a year ago I had a bee problem inside my wall by the front door. Not really knowing any better, I called an exterminator who promptly came out, drilled holes in the wall and exterminated the bees. This wasn’t just the wrong thing to do from an environmental standpoint, it would prove to be a temporary fix. In doing some homework I discovered that failure to remove the honeycomb which produces pheromones as well as failure to seal up the area would only attract another bee colony, which it did. After reading reviews on multiple removal companies, I decided to give The Beeman a call. This was the best decision I could have made! Jeff showed up right at the promised time, quickly assessed the situation and quoted me a very fair price. The work was completed in just a few hours, the stucco was patched very nicely and all the possible points of entry sealed up. I could not have asked for a better experience. Price was as quoted up front, no hidden fees and no BS. I would encourage anyone reading this review to do your research. The fact is, extermination is a temporary fix. Spend the few extra dollars to safely remove and relocate the bees. Call The Beeman. You won’t be disappointed. – Matthew Defrance an Arizona Resident”

    THE BEE MAN BEE REMOVAL discourages the use of any kind of pesticide when removing bee colonies from homes or properties. Hire us instead.

    Our Bee Removal process is 100% efficient and 100% pesticide free.

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