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Meet the Owners

We started as a hobby by giving the bees in our property a home to pollinate the flowers and trees in our garden, soon afterwards friends and neighbors were asking for help with the bees in their properties, one thing led to another, we found ourselves spending more time with our bees than with our jobs, it was time to make a change and do our part in saving the bees full time.

The plight of the bees and the effort to save them have become our passion, we strongly believe in saving the bees; after all is in all of us best interest, not only for us but for our children and future generations, our mere survival depends on a healthy bee population.

We hope to inspire more people not to kill the bees, but to save them. Our friends the bees have taught us that working together we can accomplish great things.

We hope you join us!

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The Beeman PhoenixThe BeeMan Bee Removal has over 20 years of experience specializing in non-lethal bee removal. We ensure that you receive a quality service done anytime, keeping save the bees and the environment at an affordable price. We also make sure to handle any necessary repairs or changes we make to your property during the removal process.

We got the Fastest Response Time, our efficiency in removing bees from your property is sure to you, having a clean and bee-free location. In fact, we will always have a qualified bee removal technician at your door in a snap.

Let us help you, if you want fast, friendly, and reliable bee removal services in Phoenix, call The BeeMan Bee Removal at 602-777-4028. Our company provides a 100% full warranty* of our work, making sure that any bees on your property will be gone once we are finished. Contact us for more information about our live bee removal services.

*100% warranty for one year on live bee removals from structures.
Excluded from warranty are: trees, shrubs, sheds, compost bins, irrigation boxes.


Expert Technicians: The BeeMan Bee Removal has been specializing in bee removal for over 20 years. Since this is our specialty, we have developed an extremely efficient system that does not require the use of any chemicals or substances that could be harmful to yourself of the bees. We do offer a 1 year warranty on our work, in case bees do return.

No matter where the bees are, The BeeMan Bee Removal has the skills to provide safe live bee removal and relocation of the bees away from your home or office to allow them to continue pollinating our food supply. We hold high standards for our technicians to ensure a consistent level of professional results. Take back your home and help give the bees their own by contacting us today! We also offer emergency services.

If you have a bee infestation in your home or place of business, you will need help to safely and thoroughly remove the bees. We provide an alternative to traditional pest control and extermination methods. We are the only non-lethal bee removal specialists in the Phoenix, AZ.

Check our services and prices and when you’re ready to schedule your live bee removal service.
We will be there in a heart beat.

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Bee Removal Service Phoenix Five Star Review
These guys are fantastic… I would absolutely recommend The Beeman Bee Removal to anyone!
Christopher Amos

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Bee Removal Service Phoenix Five Star Review
Awesome! Quick Service and done right!
ZRM Real Estate

Arizona Real Estate Agency

Bee Removal Service Phoenix Five Star Review
They were awesome! Super friendly and quick. Jeff was great. Definitely recommend
Jenny Kludt

Arizona Resident

Bee Removal Service Phoenix Five Star Review
Have used the BeeMan on several bee removal projects and they always provide excellent service.
Clint Jacobs

Arizona Resident


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