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    Bee Removal Service Phoenix Five Star Review
    These guys are fantastic… I would absolutely recommend The Beeman Bee Removal to anyone! Christopher Amos

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    Bee Removal Service Phoenix Five Star Review
    Awesome! Quick Service and done right! ZRM Real Estate

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    Bee Removal Service Phoenix Five Star Review
    They were awesome! Super friendly and quick. Jeff was great. Definitely recommend Jenny Kludt

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    Bee Removal Service Phoenix Five Star Review
    Have used the BeeMan on several bee removal projects and they always provide excellent service. Clint Jacobs

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    Some of our Satisfied Customers:

    Identify the Bees!

    If you are having a hard time identifying the bees call 602-748-9378

    Africanized Killer Bees



    This bees swarm to establish new nests, moving their entire colony if food is scarce. They are not particular about nesting sites, and have been found in tires, crates, boxes, and empty cars. They are known to build nests in the ground, in cavities of trees, and in structures.

    African Honey bees are highly defensive; they aggressively attack intruders and will chase a person a quarter of a mile. Their venom is no more harmful than a Honeybee and they sting only once; however, they attack in greater numbers, often causing more stings to an individual person. Knowing what they look like is vital to you and your family’s health.

    Bumble Bees



    They can be docile and unconcerned with your presence while foraging on flowers, but will aggressively chase you if you disturb its nest. Bumble bees can sting more than once and their sting can be very painful.

    Nest outdoors in yards, flower beds, wood piles, and landscaped rock walls. Often nestling in the ground; they can also build their nests above ground inside homes, sheds, patios and decks.

    These insects can sting many times. Often, the affected area will become red, swollen, and painful.

    Their colony can cause considerable damage if they build their nests inside your home. They can enter a home and build their nest in cracks and crevices in your walls, fireplace, and floors. structure.

    Honey Bee



    Is known throughout the world for pollinating vegetation and producing honey. The honey stored in honeycombs is used to feed the young during cold seasons when vegetation is reduced.

    These insects often build their nests in tree crevices, attics and chimneys. Once established, and with a good food source, a colony of bees can survive many years.

    Honeybees can cause considerable damage if they take up residence inside your home. They can enter a home and build their nest in cracks and crevices in your walls, fireplace and floors. It can be difficult and expensive to remove the Honeybees and their honeycombs once established inside a structure.

    Solve Your Bee Problem In Less than 60-Seconds!

    Beeman Bee Removal VS Pest Control Companies

    We Save Bees…
    Pesticides Kill Them

    Learn why we need to save bee’s and call: 602-748-9378

    Pest control companies will come out to the property, do a quick inspection and then suggest to remove the bees with pesticides because “they can not move the bees by natural means”.

    This is the easy solution to get the job done and get paid.

    These pest control companies will then use pesticides that are hazardous to destroy the bees and their bee hive – which furthur hurts the eco-system.

    We Help the World…
    Pesticides Harm It

    Learn why we need to save bees and call: 602-748-9378

    Most bee removal companies use pesticides that are extremely harmful to human beings and pets.

    The accumulation of pesticides in a human being can cause cancer. This does not happen over night. It is something that happens throughout the years.

    Not only are pesticides harmful to human beings but using toxic chemicals to remove bees puts our entire eco-system at risk.

    Why We Need Bees

    Honey bees are among the most numerous and efficient pollinator species in the world. Considering that the average honey bee can visit more than 2,000 flowers in one day, these bees greatly increase the chances of a plant producing a fruit or vegetable. They are managed and used to pollinate over 100 crops grown in North America, and contribute $15 billion to the US economy every year. Many crops, such as almonds, which contribute $4.8 billion to the US industry each year, rely on honey bees for more than 90% of their pollination.

    Pollinators are necessary for about 80% of all crops that are used directly for food worldwide. But the last decade has been hard on them, reducing their numbers year after year.

    Pollinators help plants survive, and plants:

  • Produce ⅓ of our food supply by giving us countless fruits, vegetables, and nuts
  • Provide ½ of the world’s oils, fibers, and other raw materials
  • Are used to create many medicines
  • Keep waterways clean
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Produce the oxygen we breathe
  • Absorb CO2, counteracting global climate change
  • Learn more and call the bee removal specialists at: 602-748-9378

    Bee Proof Tips

  • Maintain a tight seal in your crawl space/attic
  • Perform regular inspections on your roof or walls to spot cracks and openings
  • Ensure that your vents and exhaust fans are properly sealed
  • Apply a sealant near window and door openings/cracks
  • Get a professional bee inspection to ensure your home is “bee hive safe” and call: 602-748-9378

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