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No matter where the bees are, The BeeMan Bee Removal has the skills to provide safe live bee removal and relocation of the bees away from your home or office to allow them to continue pollinating our food supply. We hold high standards for our technicians to ensure a consistent level of professional results. Take back your home and help give the bees their own by contacting us today! We also offer emergency services.

Check our services and prices page and when ready schedule your live bee removal service or our free inspection.
If you have a bee infestation in your home or place of business, you will need help to safely and thoroughly remove the bees. The BeeMan Bee Removal provides an alternative to traditional pest control and extermination methods. We are the only non-lethal bee removal specialists in the Phoenix, AZ area with over 15 years of experience.

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Why Bee Removal is Important

If you have a bee infestation, there is an obvious need to remove them from you home or business. With that in mind there are many reasons why live bee removal is an important and preferred method over extermination or removal by non-specialists.
  • Humane Solution: Bee removal from The BeeMan Bee Removal is a completely non-lethal process that will preserve the bees. We then relocate them to a bee sanctuary where they can continue to flourish, and be an important part of our ecosystem by continuing to pollinate plants.
  • Agricultural Impact: Bee preservation is important whether you are an avid conservationist or not. Many of the fruits and vegetables that you enjoy as a part of your diet depend heavily on cross pollination that honey bees provide. Bee populations are decreasing, especially in the US, and the amount of available naturally grown crops is dwindling as a result. Without a functioning bee population, our dinner tables will have more and more artificially supported fruits and vegetables that may contain additives and chemicals that are not good for your health. Preserving bees will help you to eat properly.
  • Structural Damage: While inside your home or business, if not removed quickly a beehive can start producing honey that can cause structural damage. Also, the honey attracts other pests like ants, roaches, crickets and other honey loving pests that in turn attract scorpions, creating additional infestations that will add further damage and cost. Insect and scorpion pest control
  • Expert Technicians: The BeeMan Bee Removal has been specializing in bee removal for over 15 years. Since this is our specialty, we have developed an extremely efficient system that does not require the use of any chemicals or substances that could be harmful to yourself of the bees. We do offer a 1 year warranty on our work, in case bees do return.
  • Maintain a tight seal in your crawlspace/attic
  • Perform regular inspections on your roof to spot cracks and openings
  • Ensure that your vents and exhaust fans are properly sealed
  • Apply a sealant near window and door openings/cracks
Beehives Ranch - Bee Removal in Phoenix, AZ


  • Ask for our Free Bee Inspections for Your Home or Business
  • No Pesticide Bee Removal
  • One Year Warranty
  • A Certified, Drug Free Work Environment
  • Uniformed Professional Technicians With Clearly Marked Vehicles
  • Excellent Customer Service and Rapid Response
  • Live Bee Removal and Relocation
  • Senior And Veterans Discount


  • Never Use Dangerous Chemicals In Your Home
  • We Offer A Friendly Live Bee Removal Alternative
  • Our Warranty Is The Best In The Industry
  • Our Technicians Receive Ongoing Training
  • We Offer the Convenience of Scheduling by Phone or Online Anytime.
  • We offer instant service progress notifications via SMS or email
  • All Team Members Undergo pre-employment drug screening and extensive background checks.
  • Our Guarantee to You is Professional Results at an Affordable Price!